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Paint Brush Slideshow in After Effect.

Paint Brush Slideshow in After Effect.

Hey everyone, welcome back to another after effect tutorialToday we are going to create Paint Brush Slideshow In after effect, I hope you like the video.

First, create a new main comp 1920 by 1080 pixels. Now create a solid background layer I choose a little bit of oranges color so It gives our composition a little warm effect. Now create another new composition its call placeholder 1 then drag your image/video footage into timeline resize it if required now create one more composition it's called brush 1 and drag brush 1 footage into timeline so now we have 1 old paper texture image drag this image into timeline and choose mode normal to overlay then drag placeholder 1 composition into timeline and also drag brush 1 composition select placeholder1 layer comp and choose track Matte luma Matte so its look like this now duplicate old paper texture image and drag above the Brush 1 com layer So it gives our image little bit texture effect Perfect!

Now select brush1 and placeholder1 layer and duplicate them, and a move above the old paper texture layer and move both layers around 20 frames forward then go to first placeholder1 com player hit S for scale and increase the scale size around 110% so it's looking more effective and dynamic like this, Now we need to add some text element so go to the project window and select text brush footage and drag over the new comp icon, Now create another new composition its called text 1 and change width around 1200 Pixel and height around 400 pixels and type your text then drag text brush comp into the timeline and choose mode normal to screen and move forward around 1 second then drag text 1 into timeline also move forward around 1 second, Now select the text brush layer and duplicate them and move above the text1 comp layer select text1 comp and change track Matte luma matte I think we need to decrease the size of our text little bit select All three layer and scale down a little bit Perfect its look good to me.

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Now we want to create another slide select all layers and duplicate them and move them all together  and also change the color of layers so we can easily identify our second slide and move them around 3 seconds forward first, select our all first slide layers and hit T for opacity and add a keyframe then go to a few frames forward and change the opacity 0% So now I need to change this placeholder 1 comp layer so go to project window and select placeholder1 and duplicate them and replace with placeholder1 comp layer also replace with second placeholder 1 comp layer open placeholder 2 comp layer and replace them, Perfect! You can also change the text one layer. go to the project window and duplicate the text one layer then replace this text to layer with text one and change your text.

Now create a new adjustment layer and it's called sharpen then search sharpen and change sharpen amount around 20% so it's looking more crispy, Now again create a new adjustment layer it's our color correction layer so rename this layer as CC, Now search photo filter effect its give our comp little warming type effect Then search curves effect And change your curves like this then change the blue channel and change blue curves like this it gives our comp little bit bluish tint effect you can see the effect clearly now drag particle footage into timeline and change mode normal to screen then drag lens footage into timeline and change mode normal to add and also change the opacity around 50%, Now select all layers and convert into 3D layer then create a new camera I am using 35mm presets camera and also create a null layer and convert into 3D layer also parent camera with null layer hit P to show the position and add wiggle expression wiggle (10, 2) This expression give our comp little bit shakiness so its look more effective, Create One more null layer it's called scale select our all layer Except the camera and null 1 and parent with scale null layer Select scale layer and hit S for scale and also turn on the 3D layer now increase the scale size around 103%. so it's cover all gutter space.

Our animation has done.

Thanks, I hope you like it so please share this with our friends you can also comment if you have any query.

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