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Action Trailer Title In After Effect.

Action Trailer Title In After Effect.

Hey everyone, welcome to another after effect tutorial, In this tutorial, we are going to create an Action Trailer look like effect, I hope you like it,

First, create a new comp its called the main comp, now create another new composition its call scene1 then create one more composition its call text1 and type your text, Now select the text layer and pre-compose and change name your text1 then drag metal texture image into the timeline below the pre-compose layer and change track matte alpha matte now duplicate your text1 layer and turn on layer eye and search fill effect and change the color black, then search bevel alpha effect and change light angle around 130 degrees and edge thickness around 5.  Now select layer and change mode normal to add so you can see the bevel effect then go to scene1 comp and drag text1 comp into timeline and drag background texture image below the text1 comp layer, now drag particle footage into the timeline above the background layer and change mode normal to screen now drag black brush stroke image into the timeline and need to animate brush stroke image but before we animate brush stroke image we need to adjust the text1 you are free to adjust the text1 layer as you like.

Now animate brush stroke image so scale and rotate according to your text now go to few frame forward and add a keyframe then go to the first frame and move the brush image out of the frame like this, then select the text1 layer and change track matte alpha matte so now you can see the effect now create a new adjustment layer and search shift channels effect we need only green channel so turn off the red and the blue channel now drag a light image into the timeline and change mode normal to the screen now rotate the light image and move its right corner side also move light image layer below the adjustment layer select pen tool and create a mask around the light image hit double M to show mask property and increase mask feather so that our mask footage corner easily blend with the background now drag smoke footage into timeline and change mode normal to screen move layer when you see proper smoke then trim the layer rotated smoke layer and move right corner side now move smoke layer whenever our text animation complete you can also move the smoke layer below the text layer and decrease the opacity around 20% now create a new light I am using point light before choosing light please make sure your layers should be in the 3D layer now select light and move the right side of the composition hit T to show the light intensity and you can increase the intensity according to your choice.

3D Ink Drop Slideshow in After Effects

Now we need to change the color so select adjustment layer and turn off the green channel and take blue from blue also change the light left the side of the composition and also change the light png direction and rotation, and also move the smoke layer direction and position like light png image one thing I forget to create shake movement of our text so select brush png and parent with text 2 comp layer then select the text 2 layer and show the position then go to a few frames forward when our text half visible and add a key the frame then go to 2 frames forward and move the text 2 layer little bit, then go to again around 2 frames forward and paste the same first keyframe perfect do the same with our scene1 text layer. Now go to the main comp and move scene 2 layer a little bit close its all depend on your music you can adjust the layer according to your music now duplicate scene2 layer then go to project window and also duplicate the scene2 comp and replace with scene2 layer select scene3 layer then go to a few frames forward and trim the layer.

Now open scene3 comp select text 2 layer and hit P to show position keyframe and hit shift S for scale and shit R for rotation and go to the last keyframe on the timeline then add a keyframe on scale and rotation then go to few frames forward and change scale amount 100% also change the Z rotation 0 degree and move the layer position center of the composition now select adjustment layer and add a keyframe on opacity and change opacity around 45%, then go to a few frames forward and change opacity 100% and also change the color channel so turn off the blue and take red from red one more thing our brush png image not covering full-text composition so select brush png layer and go to same first keyframe of adjustment and add a keyframe on the scale then go to same last keyframe on the adjustment layer and increase the brush png scale amount so that its fully cover our text layer and also, change the light center of the text now drag shockwave footage into the timeline below the text layer and move the shockwave footage when we see the complete shockwave appears into the composition then trim the shockwave layer. Perfect!

Our animation has complete.

Thanks, I hope you like the action trailer effect.


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  1. good luck, bro. Thanx for every tutrorial. nice job!


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