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2D long shadow in after effect

2D long shadow in after effect

Hey everyone welcome back to my after effect tutorial someone comments me please make a video how to create this long shadow effect so today we are creating a long shadow effect.

First create new comp 1920 by 1080, 30 frames per second. Now create a solid background layer you can choose any color as you like then select text tool and type any text-align text center of the composition select text layer and pre-compose them check to move all attributes into the new composition and change comp name now select text comp and search cc radial blur change type straight zoom and choose amount around 50 for now so its look like this now change the center point like this you can also increase the amount any time now search fill effect and apply on text composition and change the color now add levels effect and change the channel RGB to alpha change alpha input white 0 alpha gamma also 0 now you can see we almost reach what we want now add last effect called cc composite cc composite put your all effect behind your original text make sure you put all your effect before cc composite effect if you put cc composite effect before other effects so your text will disappear like this so move cc composite effect after all effect so that your text will be visible. make sure composite original select in front.

You can also animate the shadow goto cc radial blur add key point of center then go to a few frames forward and move center point anywhere so it looks like this you can also animate your text open text layer select text go to animate and choose opacity open animator 1 and add a key point on start go to few frames forward and change amount100% change opacity 0% end 100% select both keyframe and easy ease them go to graph editor if your graph not look like this right click select edit speed graph and make your graph like this if your animation going fast move your key our animation has done hit 0 for render.

Thank you. I hope you like this long shadow effect,

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  1. The solid layer should be given the Drop Shadow effect. Select Drop Shadow under nusrsing dissertation help london > Perspective. To your desire, change the Drop Shadow effect's settings.


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