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How to create Double Exposure in after effect.

How to create Double Exposure in after effect.

Hey everyone, welcome back to after effect tutorial in this tutorial we create and learn double exposure effect like this.

First, create new composition 1920 by 1080. Now create a white solid background layer then drag background image into the timeline you can use any image for the background down opacity around 60% then drag your main image into the timeline this image should be png format so that it has a transparent background select your image and pre-compose rename comp image1. Now drag your second image or video resize it if required then select your footage and pre-compose them and this comp called exposure1 also check to move all attributes into the new composition open exposure1 comp layer select your footage hit S for scale goto first frame and add a keyframe then go to 5 seconds forward and little bit scale up your footage perfect, now drag matte footage into the exposure1 comp and select luma inverted matte move this matte footage little bit ahead.

Now go to main comp here you can see the effect select image1 comp layer and move above the exposure1 comp layer select exposure1 comp and choose track matte alpha matte so it looks like this select image1 comp and duplicate them and turn on the layer then select pen tool and create a mask where you want exposure effect hit M for mask and check to inverted and press F for mask feather and increase the feather as you like you can adjust mask shape any time perfect, its look good to me now open image1 comp layer hit S for scale and add a keyframe on first frame then go to 5 seconds forward and scale down the image now select text tool and type any text select first text layer and search evaporate effect apply same effect on second text layer select both text layer hit u to show keyframes select both first keyframes and swipe with last keyframes and move both keyframes together perfect,

Now go to project window and drag camera dust footage into the main comp. change blending mode screen also drag one more dust image into timeline and change blending mode screen go to 5 seconds and trim the composition our animation has done. hit 0 for render.

Thanks, I hope you like this Double Exposure effect 


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