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Photo Frames Slideshow in After Effects.

Photo Frames Slideshow in After Effects.

Hey everyone, welcome back to after effect tutorial today we are creating photo frames slideshow effect like this.

First, create a new composition called rectangle frame you are free to choose any name dimension 1000 by 600 30 frames per second then choose rectangle tool and double-click to make a perfect rectangle then duplicate shape layer and resize the top layer little bit so that its look like a frame. then select bottom shape layer and choose track matte alpha inverted matte if you not found this press f4 now import your footage into timeline resize your footage if required you can add any image and video footage now select text tool and type any text as you like to align text center of the frame now go to effect and preset and search evaporate effect and apply on text layer press u to show keyframe as you can see when we go few frames forward our text has blurred we don't want this so swap the keyframes now you can see our effect has reverse also move the text layer little bit so when we animate frame so text will appear little bit delay

Now create another composition its called butterfly change height and width 800 by 800. and hit ok now import our butterfly body and wings image in to the timeline now adjust both butterfly wings like this then select right wing and move the anchor point center of the right wing do the same on left wing so that when we animate both wings they move the same exact point now select all three layer and make 3D layer again if you not found this press f4 now select right and left wing and hit R for rotation go to the first frame of timeline select right wing and add a keyframe on y rotation and change rotation 35 degrees then select left wing layer and add a keyframe on y rotation -35 degree now go to 10 frames forward and change both rotations 0 degrees then again go to 10 frames forward and Enter the same number  that we have put into the first frame so its look like this now we want to add some expression so that both wings move continuously. so go to right wing and hold alt and click rotation stopwatch to appear the expression layer go to expression language menu this little button then go to the property and select this loop out expression add the same expression on left wing also now you can see our butterfly wings move continuously. perfect.

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Now go to again rectangle frame comp and drag butterfly comp into the timeline resize it according to your choice and place anywhere you want now add some drop shadow in butterfly change distance 15 and softness 30 now create another new composition its called square frame height and width around 600 by 600 now create the same frame as we create on rectangle frame so I am speedup this part little faster so that you don't have to wait now create again new composition its called main comp this time create full HD composition 1920 by 1080 now drag rectangle and square frame composition into timeline before we animate these frame add a background so drag background image into timeline you can add any other background image resize it little bit bigger then composition then add curves effect on background layer and adjust the curves according to your background image then create a new black solid layer and move above the background layer then select elipse tool double click on elipse tool to make perfect mask go to mask 1 and check inverted then expend mask 1 and change the mask feather around 300 and opacity around 60%.

Now select square frame comp layer and add drop shadow distance 30 and softness also 30 then copy this effect and paste on rectangle frame comp layer now place both frames as you like I am just showing you example you are free to place both frames anywhere choice is yours now convert both frame comp layer and background layer into 3D layer then create a new camera I am using 35mm preset camera and also create a null layer and parent camera with null layer also convert null layer into 3D layer select background layer hit P for position and move Z position far way to camera. then resize the background layer bigger then comp size now select rectangle frame layer hit P for position and move Z position little closer to camera then select square frame layer hit P for position and move z position far way to the camera then resize it now place your footage as you like and go to around 2 seconds forward and add a keyframe on position then go to first frame and move both photo frame out off the composition then select both photo frame and hit R for rotation and add a keyframe then go to 2 second forward and rotate the both photo frame little bit and offset the rotation keyframes little bit now select all keyframes and easy ease them then go to graph editor  if your graph not look like this right click and select edit speed graph and make your graph like this.

Perfect now add wiggle expression on both photo frame comp layer position hold alt and click on the stopwatch to add expression and add wiggle expression. wiggle open parenthesis .3 comma10 close parenthesis copy this expression and paste second frame layer also now select null layer and hit p for position and shift R for rotation go to the first frame and add a keyframe then go to around 6 seconds forward and change the z position little bit away from the camera and also change the y and z  rotation select both rotation key and offset little bit. so that this null layer give a little movement to our camera perfect.

Now import light leak footage into timeline and make a 3D layer and resize it if required Hit p for position and change z position little closer to camera and change blending mode normal to screen and opacity around 50% now import particle footage into timeline also make a 3D layer and change mode normal to screen and change z position closer to the camera perfect. its look good to me our first slide has complete.

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go to few frames forward when our null layer animation has stopped then duplicate both rectangle and square frames comp and move them together you can choose any number of the image I am using 3 images on my second slide so that I am duplicate square frame comp one more time select all three comp layer and move. hit u to show keyframes and delete all keyframes then place your footage anywhere you want and also trim the our first slide frames comp layer when our second slide comp layer has been started as I already said you are free to place your footage anywhere I am just showing you example do the same adjustment as we done our previous slide and you can also add your own animation I am speedup this part so that you don't have to wait we done our image placement now duplicate light leak and particle footage and move together and also move them where our second slide animation started.

Now add some transition effect so create a new white solid layer then go to between our first and second slide  go to few frame back and select the white solid layer and trim then go to few frame forward and trim the white solid go to first frame of white solid and hit T for opacity and change opacity 0 % and add a keyframe now go to few frame forward and change opacity 100% again go to few frame forward and add a keyframe on 100% then go to few frame forward and change opacity 0% so its look like this move this solid in between first and second slideshow perfect now open null layer and add keyframes on the same amount of number then go to around few second forward and change position and orientation and offset orientation little bit hit N to set endpoint right click to trim comp work area.

Now replace these images go to project window and duplicate the rectangle frame comp also duplicate the square frame comp 2 times now replace first square frame comp with square frame 2 comp and also replace the second rectangle frame with rectangle frame 2 comp double-click to open it and change the image do the same with other comp layers.

 Hit 0 for render.

Hope you like the Photo Frames Slideshow effect.

photo frame slideshow

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