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How to Create Motion Poster in After Effects?

Create Motion Poster in After Effect.

Hey Everyone, welcome back to my another after effect tutorial. today we are creating a motion poster effect like this.

Before we doing animation in after effect you have to do spend some time in photoshop as you can see I am already making a separate layer of our main character and other objects. and you have to make a clean plate of your background. like this. after making separate all of your layer. then save your file.

now go to after effect and import your file right click go to import and choose file and select your file after import file you see this pop-up window select import kind composition retain layer size and merge layer styles into the footage. after importing this you see after effect automatically crate composition this composition depends on your image size after effect also creates a folder of all your separated layer like this I think we need only one so delete the second layer.

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now create a new composition 1920 by 1080, 30 frames per second. change comp name main comp. then drag your background layer into the timeline. also, drag all of these three objects And kept in the place where they were kept in the original image. now drag our main character and also place the same position where they were kept in the original image. you can also add some element to make more natural so I have some element here that's I gonna use it this is optional.

so now drag our first element  smoke footage and change blending mode screen you can see the smoke here now drag fire particle footage and also change the blending mode then drag explosive footage change blending mode normal to add and resize the footage now drag our second explosive footage and change blending mode 

now select all layer and make 3D layer then create new camera I am using 35 mm preset camera and create a null layer  parent your camera with null layer go to view layout and select 2 views horizontal so your window look like this if your window does not look like this then select this window and select top view now select your background layer and move z position far away from camera and resize it then select all these airplane and move z position far away from camera and resize it and place where they actually kept then move our main character far away from camera resize it and place it we want to our smoke show only in bottom side of composition so select smoke layer and select pen tool to create mask then press double m to open mask property change feather around 300 and opacity 60%.

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now select fire particle footage and move far away behind the main character and resize it then select explosive footage and move little far away from the camera and resize it and place where you want I am just showing you example it is not compulsory to add each element its all depends on your choice I am just showing you how to put your  element so that its look like 3D  now select second explosive and move too far away from camera then move spark layer  in z position and resize it I just want little bit spark on my screen so I move this little bit out of the frame after all adjustment your comp look like this on top views now select null layer and hit p for position also convert null layer into 3D layer then go to the first frame and add a keyframe on position go to few frames forward and add a keyframe then go to around 6 seconds forward and add a keyframe

now go to again first frame and change z position too close to camera like this then go to the second keyframe and change z position a little bit far away from our last z position so it comes fast then came slowly to the main position now we want to animate these three fighter plane so select all three layers hit p for position and add a keyframes then go to last keyframe and move x position little bit now add little movement of our main character so I am using puppet tool add some point like this then go few frame forward and move puppet point like this perfect its look good to me now add some rotation on camera  so select null layer  go around  5 seconds forward and add a keyframe on y rotation and go to the last frame and move y rotation little bit you can adjust your keyframes any time if you think smoke not visible clearly so change the opacity and move the smoke layer  and turn on motion blur of all layer and comp. 

Hit 0 for render.

I Hope you like this Motion Poster Effect.

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