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How to create Particular reveal logo in after effects.

Particular reveal logo in after effects.

Hey everyone, welcome back to our channel, I hope you all well, so today we are creating Particular reveal logo effect like this.

then select ellipse tool, and create ellipse little bit bigger than your logo, fill color white, and stroke color none,

then go to effect and preset, and search turbulent displace, and apply on the shape layer, go to effect control panel, and change amount 90. and complexity 10. now select shape layer and press S for scale, go to the first frame and add a keyframe, change amount 0%, then go to around 3 seconds forward, and change amount 100%. 

now, select your logo layer and go to toggle switches, if you did not find this press F4, and change track matte, none to alpha matte.

now go to project window and create a new comp, this time create Full HD 19 20  by 10 80 pixels, 30 frames per second, then create a new solid layer, little bit grey color, then drag your logo comp into timeline above solid layer.

now duplicate your comp, and rename it, select both comp and convert into a 3D layer. then create a new solid,  and change name as particular. now go to effect and preset panel,  search particular effect, and apply on it,

now, go to effect control panel, open emitter master, then go to the first frame into the timeline, and ad a keyframe on particles per second. and change amount 0, then go to 3-second forward and change amount 80000. then go to 1-second forward and change amount 0 again,  now change emitter type layer. then change layer emitter none to the logo, and layer sampling current time. now go to the first frame and change velocity -200, then go to 4-second forward and change velocity 0. and close emitter master.

now open particle master and change life per second 2. particle type sphere, and sphere feather around 10, then change size random 100. and close  particle master,

now go to shading master, and change shadowlet for main ON, and shadowlet for Aux on,  and close shading master.

now go to physics, and open air, then turbulence field, and change affect size 100 and affect position  - 100, and close physics master.

now open world transforms, and go to the first frame on the timeline, and ad a keyframe on x rotation, and change amount -250. then go to 4-second forward and change amount 0. then go to again the first frame of the timeline and change Z offset - 3500 so that our particle completely move out of the camera, now go to 4-second forward, and change amount 0. perfect

now select our first logo comp, and take your first layer to the place where our particle is ending, make sure,  your logo comp should be off.

now create a new circle, around our logo, fill color none, and stroke color as you like, and make  this circle center of the logo, go to the shape layer, and ad  trim path, open trim path 1, and ad keyframe on start and end, now, change amount 0%. then go to few frames forward and change amount 100%. and change start keyframe little bit offset to end keyframe, now select all keyframe and easy ease them, and make your graph like this,

now, select first logo comp, and search drop shadow effect, and apply on our first logo comp, change opacity 30%, distance 30, and softness  40, you can adjust your circle shape layer any time according to your choice.

perfect, our animation has done, now, hit 0 for render.

Hope you like Particular logo reveal effect. Thanks.


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