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How to Create Montage Slideshow in After Effects | By Effect For You

How to Create Montage Slideshow in After Effects.

Hey everyone, welcome to another after effects tutorial, today we are creating, Beautiful Montage Slideshow, its montage slideshow

so lets started

first, create a new composition.
now create another comp, this time I am using 1300 pixel by 1000 pixel
now select rectangle tool, and create a rectangle according to comp size, I am using fill color none, and stroke size 70 pixel

now create a new solid layer choose any color as you like, now go to the project window and drag 1 image into the timeline between both layer, scale image size if needed. now select all layer and pre-comp them and change comp name Image 1.

Now go to the project window, and duplicate as many images as you have. I have 10 images here so I will duplicate image 1 comp 10 times.

select all images comp, and drag in to timeline.

now double click on image 2 compositions, select image layer, then go to project window, and open image folder, now select the second image, and hold alt and drag image into the timeline, on our current image, as you can see its replace with our current image, scale it if needed.

do the same adjustment of all image comp.

I am using only 10 images just, for example, you can choose so many images as you like.

so we are done all image replace process, now go to the main composition, then go to the project window and select all image composition and drag into the timeline. now place all images as you like, now create a new camera I am using  35 mm preset camera. convert all image comp into a 3D layer. then create a null layer, and parent camera to the null layer.

select the null layer, and press P for position, also convert the null layer into the 3D layer, now go to the first frame of the timeline, and change the Z value around -800. and ad a keyframe, this Z value depends on you, now go to around 3-second forward and change the X position according to you, and also adjust the Y position, now select both keyframes, right click and easy ease them. go to graph editor and make your graph like this.

go to1 second forward and ad a keyframe, now goto around 2-second forward and change the X and Y position, you can also change Z position, if animation looks slow, move the keyframe. now go to 1-second forward and ad a keyframe. do the same adjustment for all images,

now select image 1 composition, go to effects and preset panel and search drop shadow and apply it, change softness 10%, distance 10, and opacity 30%, now copy drop shadow effects, then go to timeline and select all image comp and paste it,

now create another null layer, hit P for position, and parent with the first null layer, hold Alt and click on the stopwatch to add expression, I am using wiggle expression, wiggle parenthesis .5 comma 20 parenthesis, its give a little movement to our montage.

now select all layer and pre-comp them, rename it, now drag dust layer into the timeline, change mode normal to screen, also add the same expression on it, now drag particle footage into the timeline, change mode normal to screen, and scale it.

now drag light leak footage, into timeline,  and change mode normal to soft light, and adjust the light leak footage according to you. now create a new solid layer for Background I am using little grey color, but you can choose as you like.

Hit 0 for Render.

Thanks for looking at this tutorial I hope you like it.

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